And these are your advantages
It is common sense, that your machines can bring profits only if they are running. However, more than 2/3 throughput times in production are wasted. The reason for this are idle, down, transport or waiting time. 70% of productivity is lost by production stops or set-up or to re-equips of machines.
New ways
The modular complete solution integrates your production capacity of various technologies and generations. You can decide which areas of work should be combined and integrated and on what scale.
An attractive work-place for the future
It will become easier and safer to setup machines. The combination of job, tool and work piece data as well as NC programs and production times is guaranteed. The complete solution brings your workers advanced new tools as well as an interesting workplace for future.
Un-manned shift
Pallets for work pieces are setup and loaded with the various jobs. During night, the flexible production cells complete the jobs, which can be removed next day.
Increased productivity
Increased productive machine time through optimal capacity utilization.
Increased return on invest
Through optimized machine capacity utilization and through the implementation of new production strategies, process costs can be reduced radically. Various machine concepts and machine manufacturers can be linked with the same robot. Automated machines mean faster amortization cycles.
Increased flexibility
Priorities of the production jobs can be changed at any time. Hence, the production of small batch sizes die or single parts can be automized easily as well.
Each workpiece has its own ID-chip. All the necessary data for the job is assigned to it.. The cell computer can than manage the entire communication.
Shorter delivery times
The production process is optimized by the combination and cooperation of soft- and hardware solutions, which have been designed to fit well.
Increased quality
Human error during the entire production process are decreased.
Process monitoring
If an error occurs, the automated machines send an alarm e-mail or SMS. Hence, down time can be reduced to a minimum.















Your benefits

Flexible changes in priorities
Chaotic work piece removal


Fully automated production