New Demands
old_productionToday, manufacturing industry is facing a lot of challenges. Customers are demanding constantly shorter delivery times and lot sizes are steadily decreasing. Products need to be more accurate. Prices are steadily under pressure by
the global competition. Hence, traditional ways of producing are more and more out of place.
creating value
All these demands must be challenged by a great leap in flexibility, productivity and transperency. Production is more and more a service. In the long term there is only one viable solution: organization and automation!
Automation means that the skilled workers in production can concentrate on managing work which puts demands on their professional skill and means that they can forget about monotonous routine tasks. Automation keeps production going 24–7: Every day of the week and every hour of the day. 
»Create the future«
chinaWe are now shaping the technological transfer for all relevant production technologies, not only on a European scale but in its entirety. The integrated value creation process of production development and production including all innovative and approved soft- and hardware solutions.

Only through the consistent industrial implementation of these new technologies, we can compensate the negative effects of Europe’s location factors, and remain able to compete in the global market.


Order management

Detailed pre-calculation and delivery date simulation 


Quotation and acknowledgement
Purchase and procurement